My name is Jade Mitchell and this is my online portfolio.

In addition to having a stranglehold on the English language, I am a creative thinker, an avid learner and a patient teacher.

I enjoy working on a variety of different projects, picking up new skills and sharpening my old ones. I like teamwork, coffee and dark comedy. I make bad jokes and draw disturbing doodles. I am a Sagittarius, a wannabe-vegetarian and a serial gym-dodger. I can grow my own vegetables, but I cannot iron a shirt. I hate snails, spiders and Captcha codes. I love writing.

Showcased here are some examples of the online, above the line and below the line projects I have worked on as a blogger, copywriter, script writer, offline video editor, social media manager and creative content director.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together.